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This 60+ page E-book is for the females who are not sure how to start their fitness journey. There is so much information out there, and I can understand how overwhelming it can be. I personally exprienced this myself, and after years of experience and research, I decided to create this E-book as a one stop shop to help you successfully start your fitness journey in a healthy, sustainable way.  


What's In The Book:

  • Establishing a Growth Mindset

  • How to Stay Motivated Long-term

  • The Fundamentals of Proper Nutrition 

  • 20+ Detailed Healthy Recipes (DESSERTS INCLUDED)

  • 4 Week Detailed Workout Plan

  • 20+ Video Tutorials of the Main Exercises from the Plan

  • How to 'Progressively Overload' in Your Fitness Journey

  • How to Track Progression

  • A Follow Along Stretch Video

  • Access to the Exclusive Community Facebook Group

  • And more!


Come Begin With Gin!

Full Package Beginner's Fitness Guide