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Begin Your

Sustainable Fitness

Journey Today!

It's not just a Workout Plan...

What is the Beginner's Guide?

This E-book is for the females who are not sure how to start their fitness journey. There are 60 pages that are packed with information on proper form, mindset, sleep, and nutrition. I will also be posting exclusive LIVE workouts and chats, more recipes, and so much more in the Exclusive Facebook Group.


The Book Includes:

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  • Establishing a Growth Mindset

  • How to stay 'Motivated'

  • The fundamentals of Proper Nutrition 

  • 20+ Detailed Healthy Recipes (DESSERTS INCLUDED)

  • 4 Week Detailed Workout Plan

  • 15+ Video Tutorials on how to Properly Execute the Main Exercises in the Plan!

  • How to 'Progressive Overload'

  • How to Track Your Progress

  • A Follow Along Stretch Video

  • Access to the Exclusive Facebook Group

  • + So Much More!



Anneliese Pic.png

Anneliese D.

"Gina helped me look at my fitness journey from a healthy, attainable perspective. She's motivating, patient, and trustworthy, which I absolutely love to have as a trainer. She tells you like it is, and honestly, there hasn't been one workout where I don't feel I have work put in the work. Gina is hands-down one of the best trainers I have ever had!"


Anneliese D.

Your E-Book Options!

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Option 1

Option 2

  • The 4 Week Workout Plan

  • 15+ Video Tutorials on Form

  • Nutrition Fundamentals

  • Follow-along Stretch Video

  • How To Track Progress

  • 20+ Detailed Recipes

  • Establishing a Growth Mindset

  • Access to the Exclusive Facebook Group 

    • LIVE Workouts​

    • LIVE Chats

    • New Weekly recipes

    • Giveaways

    • Challenges

    • + More!

  • The 4 Week Workout Plan

    • 2 Upper Body Workouts​

    • 2 Lower Body Workouts

    • 1 HIIT Workout

    • How to actively  rest on days off




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Marina B.

 "I've been training with Gina since 2019 and with her program I have more energy, I sleep better and overall feel better about myself. Gina has done an amazing job helping me grow my booty, while also shrinking my waist, and all I have to say is, she will be my one and only trainer for the rest of my life. She has a bomb personality, she's patient, she's very understanding and I'm thrilled to have her in my fitness journey with her! #bootybygina"

Proper Exercise Form​

Lean Muscle Mass

Mental Clarity & Bullet Proof Mindset

Increased Daily Energy


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Balanced, Nutrient Dense Meals

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Melayna D.

"Since working with Gina for almost a year, I can confidently say it has been one of the best decision I have ever made. She really takes the time to get to know her clients and set goals based on their needs. She is very knowledgeable, professional and honest. Gina creates a great workout environment and pushes me to my limit to help me achieve my goals. She's also amazing at helping me stay motivated and is the first person to celebrate any of my success. If you’re looking for a trainer who truly cares, Gina is your girl."


Come Start Your Fitness Journey With Me!

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